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TitleLove Story
Pairing: Tenth Doctor x Rose Tyler
Chapters 5/6
Written For: the amazingly fabulous itsmoonshoespotter who asked for “A Romeo and Juliet AU with Ten/Rose without the dying.” (A modern day adaption.)
A/N: This story is complete and will be uploaded as I feel so led.
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Over the next few days, Ian’s mood did not improve. Neither of the families showed any signs of forgiving him. Everywhere he went he had to endure mutters and lectures and glares, and it wasn’t just because he had a hand in putting their sons in the hospital – though that was a big part of it. No one seemed to take much notice of the fact that the fight had been Adam’s idea and that Jack had accepted in Ian’s place – no, the blame was placed squarely in Ian’s lap.

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TitleThings Like This
Pairing: Ninth Doctor x Rose Tyler
Word Count: 759
Written For: the wonderful captaingrahamcr who, as I understand it, was in turn inspired by Grey’s Anatomy.
A/N: Vaguely NSFW.


Rose Tyler didn’t do things like this. Yes, she sometimes let Mickey talk her into going out clubbing and yes, sometimes she flirted or danced with random cute guys. But she didn’t go for guys like this and she didn’t dance the slow songs with them and she didn’t let them drop their hands to her waist and she didn’t accept their outstretched hand and follow them outside.

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