And They All Lived

"There are three rules for writing. Unfortunately, no one knows what they are." ~W. Somerset Maugham

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themiri asked: Hello, I'm kinda new to the arrow fandom and your blog. Do you have any fic recs? Or have you written anything for it?

This is actually the second request for an Arrow fic rec list I’ve gotten today and I am working on it (any input from others or pointers towards current fic rec lists would be most appreciated). I know two epic authors whose works I have devoured are anthfan and hope27.

I also have future plans to write for the fandom, but haven’t yet.

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Anonymous asked: What WIPs are you currently reading? (P.S.: I LOVE "One Crowded Hour" it's perfect!!!!)



I have to admit I’ve fallen a little behind in my WIP reading and I’m not totally up to date on all these… But off the top of my head, I’m really enjoying:

That’s in NO WAY comprehensive (I’ve probably missed a few fics that don’t update as regularly), and there are a few fics that I’ve decided to wait until they’re done to start (for no particular reason, I’m a little random like that). 

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